Sharjah is known for its strength as thhe industrial backbone of the U.A.E. 40% of the total number of industries in the U.A.E. is based in Sharjah. The majority of these industries are petrochemicals, textiles, leather, food and basic non-metal industries. Due to Its strategic location  offers unmatched possibilities for investors, and therefore sees the sum of  of approximately 5.2 million investors, consumers and tourists per year.

Mainland Business Setup Process

In mainland business setup process, if you want to setup your company in the UAE mainland, you will need to appoint a UAE national as a local sponsor for your business. However,the local sponsor or sleeping partner will make an agreement that he will not have any involvement in the company operations or profit sharing of the company setup in UAE mainland.

For a professional License, the investor can have 100% ownership, but a local service agent is still required. Thus for a professional company, the local service agent has no active part in the company business management, operations or profit sharing. Instead, they will act as figurehead representative, while drafting legal agreements and establishing other business documentation required in UAE.

Requirements for Mainland Business Setup

A verified office address from UAE Municipality is required when setting up business in UAE. The requirement of office space for mainland business setup in UAE  , can be varied based on the type of license the investor is looking for and it is investor’s responsibility to ensure a valid tenancy contract for an office is available at the time of applying for the license of UAE mainland company.

There are 6 main steps involved in UAE mainland company setup. However, there are some activities which Mainland setup require special approval from some specific Government departments. The main 6 steps involved for company formation in mainland are:

  • Business Activity Selection and Name Approval
  • Selection of Local Partner or Service Agent
  • Apply for Initial Approval for Mainland company setup
  • Preparation of Court Notarization and MOA
  • Get Office Space and Tenancy Contact
  • Final Submission for Mainland company formation in UAE

Facilities and Benifites

  • 100% tax free
  • 100% foreign ownership of company
  • 100% return of capital and profits
  • Long-term corporate tax exemption
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Availability of flexi offices
  • Quick licenses
  • Economical and variety of rental office space