Sharjah Airport International Free Zone(SAIF ZONE) is one of the major freezones of UAE which provides some of the most enticing business incentives in the region, including speed of service and simplicity of process. The perception of lengthy and highly bureaucratic procedures to set up in the Middle East can be a serious barrier to potential investors but SAIF-ZONE has a 24 hour licensing service which enables businesses to be up and running sooner than has ever been possible before as one of the most dynamic Emirates in the UAE, Sharjah accounts for over a third of the country’s industrial activity. Its links to the rest of the world are accessible and immediate and regardless of where your customers are based, SAIF-ZONE provides you with all the benefits of a personal and corporate tax-free income with no import export duties.

Types of freezone  licneses

Commercial License

Import, Export, Distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing of items speci?c in the license, Maximum limit is three similar product lines.

General Trading

General Trading license can be obtained under a commercial license which allows a large number of products.

Service license

Service license allows the holder to carry out service speci?ed in the license only.  All type of services are allowed unless otherwise restricted by the Federal or local authorities.


Facilities and Benifites

  • 100% tax free
  • 100% foreign ownership of company
  • 100% return of capital and profits
  • Long-term corporate tax exemption
  • Low cost of doing business
  • Availability of flexi offices
  • Quick licenses
  • Economical and variety of rental office space