On behalf of my colleagues and of myself, I would like to express my great pleasure to welcome you on our website.

Dubaisetup website is part of our extrinsic exposure of our commitment to being transparent to our clients and to a wider public interested in our services.

Dubaisetup  provides the key elements of an extraordinary provider of ultra-modern executive serviced private offices, with the best attention to detail and with unsurpassed quality of service, making our clients experience an unforgettable one. We, in Dubaisetup , are always looking for what is strong, powerful, for what will really mean something substantive and that it will imprint a difference in the industry and in the whole world because, in my perspective, I strongly believe that is not good enough to be just good.

Our core values and goals as a company and our willingness and desire to develop and comply in pursuit of these goals are the main things that empowered Dubaisetup  to maintain this level of professionalism and performance for so long.
Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, Leadership Culture, Transparency are only a few of company’s main values which are reflected in every aspect of our company’s daily actions.
The enduring believes of our goals and the abiding call for the renewal will be the filament that will link us overseas decades and among generations.

We are willing to continue to pave our way to a future even brighter than the present one and we cater to the aspirations, needs, aims and goals of businesses in Dubai, all over across United Arab Emirates, and furthermore worldwide, for a greater connectivity while providing high class level of quality regarding its implementation.

Moreover, Dubaisetup  values the wisdom that comes from experience and my team does the utmost to deliver customer satisfaction through our premium facilities and to maximize our corporate value. We are committed to achieve excellence in each of our services, which will give us a competitive advantage on the market and will take us a leap forward.

I want to express my sincerest gratitude for taking the time to visit the Dubaisetup  website and I hope you will enjoy exploring and surfing it. I am looking forward to detailing all that I mentioned above and other further developments and Dubaisetup  website.


Ghulam Abbas (Haidar)